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We at Magic Touch Auto Garage provide on-site and emergency services anytime you need us. Our auto repair center is conveniently located in Abu Dhabi, making it easy for you to reach us whenever you need.  If you are looking solutions for auto repair in Abu Dhabi, we are there for you.

Being the most trusted car care Abu Dhabi center, we have the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle receives premium quality care. We focus on delivering transparency in pricing, and will keep you updated at all time. We focus on customer satisfaction and that’s why our team is equipped with professionals who have years of experience and skillset to handle any complex issues.

Unlock A Variety of Car Care Abu Dhabi Services with Magic Touch

We cater to all premium brands and our technicians are well versed in handling sophisticated automotive technologies.  Our wide range of services for auto repair in Abu Dhabi is aimed at making your vehicle as good as new, and our services in maintenance, diagnostic, and fixing issues will ensure your vehicles are in good hands. Our skilled mechanical experts address issues concerning the mechanical parts of your vehicles, including engine, brakes, suspension, transmission, and more for a smooth driving experience.

Our services in electrical repairs include checking and analyzing the vehicle’s electrical systems – electrical component failure, sensor problems, faulty wiring, battery, alternator problems, starter problems, and so on.Our car care Abu Dhabi service center will correct problems that crop up in air conditioning and heating systems. We have wizards in understanding the problems with your braking systems.

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Magic Touch Auto Garage LLC are professional automobile care expert providing services in UAE, Abu Dhabi. We have built a solid reputation over the years, and continue to do so in all aspects of automobile repairing and servicing.

We provide special tailor-made solutions for vehicles and have a friendly team of technicians and auto experts who can make vehicles as good as new any time of the day. Rely on our experts to enjoy the full performance of your vehicle and make it road worthy.

We take care of everything that your vehicle needs to stay fit and healthy on the roads. And that includes checking the tires and batteries, gearboxes, electrical servicing, MOT tests, exhaust repairs, timing belts, break testing, clutch testing and so on. We also have an emergency team that can get to you on the road in case of accidents and provide fast response action, thanks to the highly skilled mechanics on our team.

We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find out problem areas in your vehicle and correct them. Our equipment would be able to quickly detect problems much faster than our competitors and the repairs are also offered at affordable rates.
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team of certified technicians

We’re car people. That means you care about your car, and so do we. Our team of certified technicians will ensure you receive the best practices in the industry. Come and see for yourself. When you bring your car to us for maintenance or repair, we’ll treat you with respect and dignity. We won’t worry you with unnecessary expenses.

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Certified mechanics

To become the most trusted auto repair shop, integrate the latest tools and technologies in the market, and expand our services.


To become the most trusted car repair shop, integrate the latest tools and technologies in the market, and expand our services.

Our range of services include

We provide engine and vehicle diagnostic and repair services all under one roof. We use genuine OEM parts and aftermarket spare parts depending on what kind you need and prefer.



We at Macchina know your car is more than a tool that gets you from point A to point B, it’s your freedom. Your car lets you complete essential daily activities such as traveling to and from work, buying groceries, and picking up the children from school. You depend on it, so it’s important your car receives quality repairs and service. When you bring your car to Macchina, we make sure your car leaves trouble-free so you can have your freedom, and your peace of mind.


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Importance of Car Care in Abu Dhabi

Car care in Abu Dhabi is crucial because of excessive weather conditions. Effective maintenance not only boosts vehicle durability but also ensures optimal performance. At Magic Touch, our skilled experts offer guidance on protecting your vehicle in such situations, ensuring longevity and efficiency. With certified experts, top-notch diagnostic tools, and genuine spare parts, we provide service that meets and exceeds expectations. From competitive pricing to emergency services, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Trust us for regular maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, tire rotations, and much more, to guarantee safe driving and peak performance.

Get in touch with us at +971 50 692 5542, or drop your vehicle for auto repair in our Abu Dhabi center for optimal service.

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We are always available to get you moving. We are ready to get to the bottom of the problem and solve it!

Get the Best and Affordable Auto Repair In Abu Dhabi

We provide a huge range of services that can be categorised as

car electrical services
Mechanical and Electrical Services
Machine scanning available
Engine Scan
vehicle inspection

These are just a few of the services that we provide, and within each of these services, we provide multiple other services that will make your vehicle perfect on the road.

Your Complete Car Care Service in Abu Dhabi

We provide comprehensive car care Abu Dhabi services depending on the kind of car you own. We thoroughly examine the car to check for issues or any parts that need to be repaired or replaced. It is for this purpose that we do a diagnostic car test because through this test, we will be able to identify most of the problems affecting it.

Our mechanics at Magic Touch would be able to guide you there, depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle. During the Diagnostic test, the mechanics would test each and every part of the vehicle through sophisticated equipment and this would be done accurately and with highest levels of precision.

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Professional car maintenance gives numerous advantages over the DIY method, which includes expert knowledge and experience, access to specialised tools and equipment, thoroughness in inspections, adherence to manufacturer guidelines, warranty protection, and time savings. Professional mechanics can gauge possible issues early and ensure overall performance, safety, and longevity of your car.
Regular detailing gives several benefits on your vehicle, consisting of retaining its appearance and value, removing dirt, grime, and contaminants that could cause damage, protecting the paint from oxidation and UV harm, restoring interior comfort and aesthetics, removing odors, and improving overall driving experience. It also helps in maintaining a positive impression and resale value. For those who are looking for car care in Abu Dhabi, we at Magic Touch Auto Garage are there for you.
To shield your car’s interior, make sure to use seat covers, floor mats, and sunshades to prevent damage from UV rays and wear and tear. Regularly clean and condition upholstery, dashboard, and other surfaces to prevent cracking, fading, and stains. Avoid leaving items that can cause damage, like sharp objects or food spills. Applying UV protectant to surfaces can also help in preventing sun damage.
Some of the types of auto repair in Abu Dhabi include routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections, as well as major repairs like engine overhauls, transmission repairs, electrical system diagnostics, air conditioning servicing, suspension maintenance, and bodywork repairs. Additionally, services like wheel alignment, tire replacement, and detailing are also commonly offered by auto repair shops in Abu Dhabi.
Yes, most shops that offer auto repair in Abu Dhabi like Magic Touch Auto Garage allow clients to request a price estimate for the repair before proceeding. It’s advisable to provide detailed information about the problem and the vehicle to ensure an accurate estimate. This allows you to make an informed decision and budget accordingly for the repair.
Yes, many shops offering car care in Abu Dhabi offer online appointment scheduling for auto repair services. This option allows you to book appointments as per your convenient date and time without the need for a phone call. Simply visit the repair shop’s website, navigate to the appointment scheduling section, and follow the instructions to book your service appointment online.