Unlocking Automotive Excellence: The Ultimate Destination to Fulfil All Your Car Maintenance and Repair Needs

Choosing a reliable auto garage in Abu Dhabi for repairs, and regular maintenance is vital. Our automotive professionals at Magic Touch Auto Garage perform high-quality services with openness and integrity.

Welcome to Magic Touch Auto Garage, your Best Car Garage In Musaffah. Our courteous team can help with all your automobile needs, no job is too small. So the tagline One Stop Shop for All Your Vehicle Needs. We can do everything from oil changes to engine overhauls.

Magic Touch can handle all your car servicing needs because we offer a comprehensive range of services. Bring your car to us, regardless of make or model, and tell us your problems. We have skilled mechanics who know everything about cars. We will fix everything and be honest if it needs to be transported to an authorised dealer. Best Car Garage in Musaffah vehicle servicing sector that can deliver the best service and use the latest technology to diagnose and fix engine problems.

Full Range of Auto Services Offered at Magic Touch Auto Garage


Our automotive business is the most successful in all of the auto garages in Abu Dhabi, and our services are unparalleled in the city. Our morals are consistent with those of the MTA, and our pricing is fair and within reach of most people. The following are the services that we provide:

    • Full service: The term “full service” refers to a comprehensive package of various automotive services. The comprehensive service will provide you with extensive information regarding both the work that has been done and the work that still needs to be done on your vehicle.

    • Auto Detailing: A pre-inspection will be performed on your vehicle before it is brought in for servicing to make sure that there are no areas of concern. After that, our staff will begin the meticulous, expert detail work necessary to make you shine.

    • Car wash: Magic Touch Auto Garage provides its customers with a manual car wash that is inclusive of all services. We will shampoo the carpets, wash the upholstery, and wax the paint of your vehicle so that it is protected from various environmental factors.

    • Warrant of Fitness: One of our trained and experienced mechanics will examine your vehicle to determine whether or not it is roadworthy and safe.

    • Oil change: Altering the oil is one of the most essential things you can do to extend the useful life of your vehicle, and doing it on a frequent basis is essential. At Magic Touch, we will do an oil change using the type of oil that is optimal for your vehicle’s engine.

    • Repairs to the Suspension and Steering: Over time, the components of your vehicle’s suspension and steering will become worn out. Magic Touch is able to assist you in repairing or replacing these components so that your car handles will have a like-new appearance once again.

    • Engine Diagnostics: Magic Touch offers the most up-to-date equipment available to diagnose any engine problems that customers may be experiencing. We are able to assist you in repairing your engine so that it operates smoothly and effectively.

    • Auto Electric Repairs: Magic Touch is able to assist you with any and all auto electric repairs that you could want. We are equipped with the most recent technology, which enables us to diagnose and repair any electrical issues that your vehicle may be experiencing.

    • Car Servicing: Magic Touch provides customers with a comprehensive selection of solutions for car servicing. Everything from simple oil changes to extensive engine repairs is within our scope of expertise. In addition to that, we will inspect your brakes, suspension, and tyres to ensure that everything is in proper operating order.

    • Engine Control Unit Tuning: Magic Touch is able to assist you in tuning your engine’s ECU so that you may obtain the greatest amount of power and efficiency from your engine. We are also able to assist you with diagnosing and fixing any engine problems that you may be experiencing.

    Car Maintenance

    The Benefits of Choosing Magic Touch Auto Garage for Your Car’s Maintenance Needs


        • Increases Safety

      Preventative maintenance dramatically improves road safety. Maintenance issues including low tyres, worn brakes, and engine failure cause too many auto accidents each year. Scheduling preventative maintenance will lessen these issues and make driving safer.

          • Reduces Repair Costs

        The worst times for automobile issues are often when they occur. Some difficulties are trivial, but others can be costly. Schedule an appointment with an auto repair shop to keep proactive because a technician can frequently spot a problem before it worsens. Always fixing these issues quickly promotes safety and saves money.

            • Boosts Performance

          Visits to auto repair shops can boost vehicle performance. These experts will check your vehicle’s performance, including replacing a dirty air filter to boost fuel efficiency. A few modest modifications can improve your vehicle’s performance and assure its longevity.

              • Reduce Stranding Risk

            Being stranded is unsafe and inconvenient. Schedule preventative car maintenance to avoid this scenario. A vehicle repair company can often spot a problem before it causes driving issues.

            It is easy to put off car preventative maintenance because it is not always a priority. Lack of maintenance might damage your vehicle and endanger your safety. Magic Touch Auto Garage suggests preventative maintenance at your auto shop or dealership to save you time and money on costly repairs. These preventative procedures are always worth it to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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