computer scanning & programming

computer scanning & programming

Engine diagnostics and scan is one of the premier services of Magic Touch. This helps us identify any faults in your vehicle. We have special techniques and scan tools to perform engine scans to diagnose any problems with the engine and then repair them in the most fitting manner. With the engine scanner, our mechanic would be able to collect real-time data and troubleshoot the problem that you have with it.

If you have any warning light indication or if you have the “check engine” lights coming on, then the engine scan would reveal what the problem is. The engine scan is done during regular services or when you feel there is something wrong with your vehicle or if there are warning lights coming on. Once the scan is completed and the mechanics understand the problem, they will correct it, and then check again if the problem is resolved. Our mechanics are highly skilled and certified individuals who know how to do a thorough job.

Years of Experience

The engine scan uses a scan tool that would read the error codes displayed by the car’s computer. The problems could be minor to major.

Benefits of an engine scan:

What you need to check in order to understand that there is an engine problem somewhere:

If you have any modifications to make to your vehicle, we can guide you through them. We have talented and skilled mechanics for this.
Engine Repair
Keep us on speed dial if you get stuck on the road with faulty engines. We can rush to your aid, and repair the issue.
The Transmission system is the most important part of vehicle analysis, and when it functions optimally, you can be assured of a perfectly working vehicle on the road.