Steering Repair

Steering Repair

At Magic Touch, you can enjoy following Steering repair services from us:

Years of Experience

Benefits of an engine scan:

During regular service, our mechanics would inspect the steering wheel Visit us for a steering inspection, and we will analyse it for its performance. For example, if the mechanic observes that the steering fluid is low, he would refill it. This is because low fluid will cause the steering system to overheat, and this could lead to other problems. The steering will not respond. So if you feel any resistance, don’t waste time, bring it to us immediately.

If you have any problems with the steering wheel, or if you feel the steering is not smooth as it should be, don’t waste time, but bring it to us immediately. Some people come to us complaining of loud noise from their steering. This is because the steering pump or steering gears have to be repaired/replaced.
Coolant Flushing

Our expert technicians can drain and refill your coolant through our coolant flushing services. And will dispose of the old fluid.

Battery Maintenance and Replacing
Let us check your battery for its life and performance through servicing and check-ups. Regular battery checks will ensure the vehicle is performing to its optimal capacity.
Free Pickup and Drop
As part of our car repair services, we offer vehicle pickup and drop services so you don’t have to be bothered with that.